Ship Bottom

If you’ve ever been to Long Beach Island, then you’ve been to Ship Bottom, the first municipality you’ll hit when you cross over the Causeway Bridge.  Ship Bottom, like the majority of towns located on LBI, transforms from a quiet shore town to a busy nexus of activity in the summer months.  Bordering Long Beach Township and Surf City, Ship Bottom encompasses just less than one square mile of the island, .99 sq/mi to be exact.

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The Ship Bottom Municipal Boat Ramp is a popular destination for not only boaters, but also paddle boarders and kayakers.  It provides easy access to an area of the bay that tends to be relatively calm.  Located just off the shore of the boat ramp are a few islands that paddlers can venture out to or circle around for their morning cardio routine.

Photo Credit: David D’Atrio
Photo Credit: David D’Atrio

Head to the eastern border of Ship Bottom and you’ll find one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Stop by Ron Jon Surf Shop or Farias Surf & Sport if you’re on the hunt for a new boogie board or surfing equipment.  Ship Bottom Beach is a dog friendly beach in the off-season, so it’s a great destination for locals and their four-legged friends in the spring and fall.  Just be sure to plan out your bathroom breaks, as there are no restroom facilities onsite!

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