Long Beach

Located in the northmost section of Long Beach is Loveladies, an area comprised of beautiful waterfront homes.  Various celebrities have been known to vacation and live here. 

Working our way down the island, we get to North Beach.   Similar to Loveladies, this area is mostly comprised of vacation rentals and high-end homes.

Photo Credit: David D’Atrio
Photo Credit: David D’Atrio

Just south of Ship Bottom is the largest portion of the municipality, making up the majority of the southern half of the island.  It is in this area that you’ll find some great restaurants like Nardi’s Tavern and Howard’s Seafood.  The Nardi’s Party Bus travels up and down the island from Holgate to Surf City and offers patrons a safe way to get home after a night out.

The southernmost section of Long Beach is comprised of a nature preserve.  It is one of the last remaining undeveloped areas of the island, and is home to a few federally protected endangered species.  This section of the municipality is closed to the public during breeding season.

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  • 26,26,16,22,18,19,20,18,20,25,29,26

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