North Brunswick

Along the eastern border of Middlesex County is the Township of North Brunswick. Those who love volunteerism will admire all the options this township has for its residents. The North Brunswick Volunteer Fire Department has three companies that help to keep the town safe. Volunteer members of the North Brunswick First Aid & Rescue Squad have been serving the residents of the township for over 66 years. In addition, many other clubs and organizations offer up their time, skills, and talents to the residents like the Boy Scouts and the North Brunswick Humane Association.

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In the northeast corner of town is Rutgers Gardens. The gardens are open year-round and do not require an entrance fee. Visitors can enjoy areas such as the Art Rudolph Sun and Shade Garden, Bamboo Grove, the Pollinator Garden, and the Roy H. DeBoer Evergreen Garden. The farmers market on the premises provides local products to the patrons and internships are also available to Rutgers’s students.

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Visitors to North Brunswick can enjoy waterfront dining at either B2 Bistro and Bar or Lory’s Lakeside. Off the water, along Route 1, there are also an abundant supply of other eateries. Bars and grilles in addition to large chain restaurants, diners, and cultural spots are all conveniently accessible in the middle of town. Because of the proximity to Rutgers and the highways that travel through town, there are many hotels for commuters and visitors. From budget to 5-star, there’s a place for you in North Brunswick.

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