Located within Manchester is a neighborhood known as Pine Lake Park.  Pine Lake Park is home to Pine Lake, a manmade body of water that was created in 1935.  The original intent of the lake was to provide an area to contain runoff from a multitude of tributaries in the area.  While it’s a great place to relax and enjoy a quiet neighborhood beach, it’s not open for swimming due to the varying bacteria levels from contributing waterways.

If it’s a swimming lake you’re after, you’ll want to head to Whiting, a community located in the western portion of Manchester.  It’s here that you’ll find Harry Wright Lake, a swimming lake set in a heavily wooded portion of the County.  Harry Wright serves as the township’s official firework location on the fourth of July, as well as the home for a summer concert series.  Proficient swimmers can make their way out to a floating dock in the middle of the lake – the perfect area to work on your cannonball dives!

While many locals frequent Toms River for dining, Manchester does have a few great dining options right in town.  Charlie’s Pizza on Rt 37 is a local’s favorite spot to grab a slice and a beer.  If it’s seafood you desire, stop by Gregory’s for some of the freshest fish in the county.

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