Island Heights

Island Heights is a borough in Ocean County situated on the northern side of the Toms River.  While it’s technically a peninsula, history tells us that at one point it actually was surrounded on all sides by water and previously referred to as “Toms River Island”.  Historian, Edwin Salter, says ships were able to sail freely through a channel that is now a swampy area known as Dillon’s Creek.  There is a steep bluff rising 60 feet above Toms River, which is where the “heights” portion of the town name comes from.

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When you visit Island Heights, some say it’s like taking a step back in time.  The town was originally founded as a Victorian religious resort and much of this architecture is still preserved today. About a third of the homes in the borough are part of the Island Heights Historic District. 

Stop by the John F. Peto Museum if you’re ready to take that time machine experience to the next level!  This world class museum is the preserved home, studio and gardens of world-renowned 19th century artist, John F. Peto. 

Most of the activity in this small borough revolve around water activities such as boating and sailing.  If you’re interested in checking out the island, you can walk the “Island Heights Loop” which is a 3.2 mile loop that will take you around the entire perimeter.  With no commercial district to speak of, and limited highway access, Island Heights provides the perfect environment for a “stop and smell the roses” moment. 

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Average Price of Homes in Island Heights

  • 485000.00,285000.00,958125.00,427500.00,849100.00,560000.00,0,517000.00,741000.00,0,595000.00,518333.33

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Island Heights Homes Inventory

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