South Plainfield

The Borough of South Plainfield is one of the municipalities that lies on the northern edge of Middlesex County. It is bordered by only two other Middlesex County towns, Piscataway and Edison. South Plainfield was a part of Piscataway Township until receiving permission from Piscataway Township and the state of New Jersey to become officially incorporated in 1926. The town began to grow in 1936 when Cornell-Dublier moved into the Spicer Building and created a lot of opportunity for residents. After World War II, housing developments began to emerge and the suburban town of South Plainfield was born.     

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South Plainfield really cares about the town, the residents, and the environment. The Sustainable South Plainfield Green Team is “Bringing people together to build a sustainable South Plainfield.” Back in 2009, the town passed a resolution to register in the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Government Certification Program. The team formed as a part of the program requirements and aims to improve the towns environmental standing while saving tax dollars and enhancing residents’ quality of life. Young residents can enjoy the EcoCamp workshops to learn about pollution, endangered species, arts and movies, as well as improve public speaking skills. The town also supports an Adopt-a-Spot program for residents that wish to participate in keeping the town clean.

South Plainfield has one thing that no other township in the state has. The Plainfield Curling Club is the only dedicated curling facility in the state! The not-for-profit organization was founded in 1963 purely on the hard work and help of the members. Anyone can try curling!  You don’t have to know how to ice skate, so everyone should check out the curling club to try something new. For the more typical sports, players can go to All Seasons Sports Academy. They have multiple basketball courts, indoor soccer fields, batting cages, a party room, and a concession stand. When the weather prevents you from enjoying the outdoors, you can still enjoy time playing at All Season Sports Academy.

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