Aberdeen Township is a 7.8 square-mile town located in the Raritan Valley section of Monmouth County. Prior to being called Aberdeen Township, this area was known as Matawan Township. In 1977, in order to delineate the town from Matawan Borough, officials chose to rename it Aberdeen. They believed that putting it alphabetically first in the list NJ municipalities would draw attention to the Township. To this day, officials are still striving to better the township with numerous committees and programs.

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One program to note is the Bayshore Regional Strategic Plan. This plan includes nine northern Monmouth County municipalities. The goal is to revitalize the area using several strategies. One is to emphasize the natural beauty of the coastline along the Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook Bay. In Aberdeen specifically, this would include Freneau Woods which includes wetlands, woodlands, and offers a wide spectrum of wildlife habitats. By focusing on “traditional downtowns, dense residential neighborhoods, maritime history,” according to the Aberdeen Township website the program also aims to improve the economy in these areas.

Other great programs whose purposes are to highlight the beauty of the area are the Environmental & Shade Tree Advisory Board and the Clean Communities Program. The primary focus of both these programs is the environment with things like recycling, reducing litter, and improving and protecting the overall environment. They join forces every year for semi-annual public lands clean-ups.

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