Point Pleasant

Head to the northern border and you’ll find River Avenue Beach, a beautifully maintained beach on the Manasquan River. You won’t find ocean waves or a busy boardwalk at this beach, but you will find a great place to unwind and take in gorgeous views.  If you’re looking for a break from the crowds and hoopla you’ll find at the big beaches, this is the place for you. 

Point Pleasant isn’t without its fair share of places to dine.  You’ll find a handful of chain restaurants like KFC, Wendy’s and Little Caesars on the main throughway, Route 88.  If it’s an authentic Jersey Shore restaurant experience you’re after, stop in at the Half Moon Pint, a local tavern with a modern coastal vibe.  They offer indoor and outdoor seating as well as live music during the summer months.

Point Pleasant is also home to El Guacamole, an authentic Mexican restaurant located on Bridge Avenue.  Be warned… Once you try their homemade sauces, you may have a hard time eating Mexican food anywhere else!

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  • 36,30,33,34,29,27,25,28,34,33,34,34

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